Staff & Coaches


Steering Group

Chair – Gemma Morris (University of Warwick)

Vice-Chair – Barry Squires (Bournemouth University)

Treasurer – Matt Nicholson (University of Nottingham)

Marketing & Comms – Kiri Madhani (University of Nottingham)


EUS Staff Team

Regional Manager (North) – Stephen Smallman

Regional Manager (South) – Claire Shapland


EUS Coaching Team

Men’s Football – Andy Coyles

Women’s Football – Rebecca Sawiuk & Jenny Sugarman

Men’s Hockey – Ben Dudley & James Cunliffe

Ladies Hockey – Phil Yetzes & Lauren Osgood

Men’s Rugby – Rob Jones & Alan Hubbleday

Women’s Rugby – Mark Jeffreys & Lorea Sarobe

Women’s Futsal – James Barlow

Men’s Futsal – Marc Forrest

Netball – Mel Mansfield & Danielle Titmuss



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