English Universities Committee

The Steering Group is made up of staff members of member institutions who are elected in by English University members at BUCS AGM. The current committee is Gemma Morris (University of Warwick), Barry Squires (Bournemouth University), Michael Barry (Bournemouth University) and Kiri Madhani (University of Nottingham), who have formally taken up the 4 committee positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

Regional & National Staff Groups

These group members are decided by application process through the committee group and consist of members from universities in the North, South and Midlands.


The English Universities Affiliation Fees of £250 is to support the English Universities Programme in general as well as providing a contribution to the Home Nations Event that will be taking place in April.  There are a number of additional costs that are not able to be funded through the £250 Affiliations Fees which include a number of the trial costs, such as any facility hire, first aid, officials and any additional equipment needed to deliver trials.  In order to keep the initial Affiliations Fees low, it was agreed by the committee group, following feedback from English Universities that fees should be pro-rata across Universities, to impose an athlete contribution to attend trials to fund a number of the trial costs and apportion costs to those Universities that will be participating more with the programme.

All English universities that are members of BUCS are automatically members of EUS unless they decide to opt out.


A copy of the EUS constitution can be downloaded below.