Nominations for Women’s Football & Rugby (Men’s & Women’s) are open NOW!

Nominations for Netball, Men’s Football and Hockey are now closed.


  • Hockey (Men’s and Ladies) – Nominations Closed
  • Football (Men’s) – Nominations Closed
  • Football (Women’s) – Nominations Open
  • Rugby 7’s (Men’s and Women’s) – Nominations Open
  • Futsal (Men’s and Ladies)
  • Netball – Nominations Closed

NB: For the purpose of our trials, anything north of Wolverhampton is classified as ‘North’

To nominate an athlete, please click here

Trial Dates:

North Men’s Football: 12th December 2018, 11-4pm, Sandbach, Cheshire

South Men’s Football: 16th January 2019, 11-4pm, University of Warwick

North & South Hockey: 16th December 2018, University of Nottingham Water based pitch, Nottingham Hockey Centre, 12-6pm

Netball: 16th January 2019, University of Warwick, 12-4pm

Women’s Football: Friday 29th March, Uni of Herts (South) & Sheffield Hallam Uni (North)

Deadline for Nominations: Women’s Football is the 22nd March

NB: An athlete must be nominated by a staff member at the SU/AU or University